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You’re lucky to meet any person with this much integrity. Meeting an attorney with this level of knowledge, skills, ability and honesty is a gift. Cannot recommend anyone more highly than Kevin Tharpe. Absolutely the most valuable conversation you may ever have, especially when it comes to family Trusts, wills and knowing the differences between the two.

Brent Norris

Kevin and his staff have done a wonderful job with my estate planning.

Kevin explains everything in a straight forward, easy to understand manner. He goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied with each phase of planning. You deal with him directly each time you come in for an appointment

I highly recommend Kevin.

Kathy Korniak

Kevin Tharpe is one of a dozen lawyers I have called trying to figure out how to create a will-mainly to ensure that our newborn would have the guardian of our choice if we were to pass away suddenly. He was the only one however that didn’t charge for a phone call, didn’t avoid giving me information, and didn’t quote me a ludicrous document cost. Instead we had a quick and pleasant conversation that left me feeling confident and prepared! His schedule is a little busy, but it was worth the wait.

Joy Elizabeth

Kevin and his team have worked with us for a few years now. He has guided our family through the incredibly hard journey to create and navigate our parents Last Will and Testament, financial POA, health care surrogacy, trust, property titling, IRAs and now estate planning. Wow we could not have done this without his solid advice and guidance with each step along the way. Not only has he guided us at every step. He has made sure that we understand the laws and how they affected us and protected my parents and their assets into their final days and after. The staff has also been very professional and diligent in taking our questions and handling any situation. We are so grateful for their help and support.
The Rutherford siblings. 🙂

Lori Duckworth

Kevin was great to work with! He is hard-working and also has a great story behind doing what he does.

Derick Pope II

Very good experience each appointment. When we didn’t understand Mr. Tharpe gave great explanations and have suggestions to situations. Also Fonia was a big help to us.

Jerry Abercrombie

Great organization, with very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Thoroughly pleased with our experience with Kevin and his staff.

Wanda Scoggins

I am very grateful to have found Mr. Tharpe. He told me clearly what legal remedy I had in the matter I discussed with him; but more than that, he addressed the emotional and financial advisability of using legal means to resolve the matter. Knowledge plus wisdom – can’t beat that!

Jeanette Lewis

After making contact via the website, Mr. Tharpe called me personally within hours and gave some great guidance right then over the phone. We connected in person shortly thereafter, and Mr. Tharpe has been excellent in making things understandable, plotting a clear path forward, and guiding us through a difficult process with many moving parts. I am very impressed and grateful from my interactions thus far, and I look forward to continuing to trust Kevin’s expertise and guidance.

Daniel Maddox

Extremely helpful staff, attorney Kevin Tharpe explains each possibility and the steps to achieve your desired goals/wishes, a feeling of comfort with a positive outlook for the future is felt after leaving the office.