The CTA & Its Impact

Changes in law can be simple yet profound in their effects on small businesses. Understanding these changes helps owners make better decisions and comply with new regulations. One such upcoming change is the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which is set to reshape the landscape for many U.S. businesses. It introduces reporting requirements to enhance transparency and combat financial crimes. These requirements Read More

IRAs, Trusts, & Heated Conversations 

Did you know that your IRA is one of the types of assets protected if you enter a nursing home? Although your estate planning attorney won’t help you invest or manage it, they should be—at the very least—informing you of this important protection. Your IRA is the type of asset that doesn’t allow you to change ownership. You can’t share it or gift it without significant consequences. For this reason, we don’t Read More

Key (Future) Changes To Estate Taxes

How your estate will be taxed will change at the beginning of 2026. Understanding what they are and how much they apply is important for creating an estate plan. Don’t dismiss that last point because you haven’t formed a plan and have no intention of doing so; that is a separate issue. Because every adult needs a plan, this is universally applicable. However, this tax impacts individuals and families with substantial Read More

You Never Know…

Recently, we did some planning for a mother and her son. This involved plans tailored to each and creating joint estate planning documents such as trusts and LLCs. Because they had acquired some new property, we updated their titles to coordinate with the deeds and LLCs. We are telling you this because the client discussed a fascinating story that aligns with this blog's title.  Here’s What Happened:  The client Read More

Financial Planning (From A Lawyer’s Perspective)

Financial advisors are not estate planners. They gather documents but cannot do the same tasks with them in the way an estate planning attorney can. For instance, financial advisors can’t review them and offer legal estate planning advice. Financial advisors often tell you that they don’t need to see your legal documents or have them on file to review them when something happens because they simply aren’t attorneys. Read More

The Best Beneficiary Designation 

  What is the best form of beneficiary designation? We hear this from many of our clients—or prospective clients. This happens when we prepare someone’s estate plan. We’ve gone through the steps of their wishes, and they’ve signed the document. We’ve explained how to title their home in the name of their trust and sign and record the deed. We’ve even given them paperwork about retitling their bank accounts, and then Read More

Why Bother With Estate Planning?

  When we meet with clients, we get asked whether it makes a difference whether they have an estate plan. Before we walk them through the process, we ask what estate planning means to them. Because of how frequently estate planning myths are perpetuated, people responded that they don’t need a plan due to how few assets they own. Or they say that the assets they do have aren’t valuable enough to warrant a proper Read More

A Massive Misconception Surrounding Joint Ownership

What are the words written on the side view mirrors on your car? It says something along the lines of, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” This warning is because the mirror is convex and curved outward. The convex shape allows drivers to see more of the area behind and to the side of the vehicle, essentially providing a wider field of view and reducing blind spots. The reasoning behind bringing this up Read More

Roller Coasters, Estate Planning, & Special Needs Planning Month

One of the true joys in life is discovering a passion. The focus may range from driving the country to viewing covered bridges to riding roller coasters. Though we are about to discuss the latter, it doesn’t matter what people are passionate about; finding something you value and appreciate is genuinely important. The American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) have an annual marque event called Coaster Con. Members meet at Read More

How Does Hollywood Affect Estate Planning 

Many people fall for a basic trap or misconception that they have a sufficient estate plan because they have one document: a will. It’s the document that most people are familiar with. This concept is embedded in our culture and entertainment. Hamlet, for instance, is worried about his father’s will because it disinherited him in favor of his uncle Claudius. Knives Out, released in 2019, depicts the famous Read More