Were You Denied Medicaid Benefits? Let An Experienced Gainesville Attorney Help With The Appeal

Applying for Medicaid benefits can be difficult if you do not know the latest changes in the law. Trying to help loved ones with benefits, especially if they have been denied, is even more complex.

Attorney J. Kevin Tharpe has helped hundreds of people with Medicaid benefits, including assisting those who have been denied. He is up to date with changes to Medicare and Medicaid law and knows the processes of both programs well. After reviewing your case, he can determine the reason for the denial and help you decide whether you should appeal or reapply. Please call 866-253-6994 to make an appointment with a denied Medicaid lawyer.

Appealing And Reapplying For Benefits

When people are denied Medicaid benefits, it is often because they:

  • Are over resources
  • Are over income
  • Have transferred assets in an attempt to become eligible

The resource and income limits to qualify change frequently. Regardless of the reason for the denial, you may not have much time to appeal. It is important to contact lawyer Kevin Tharpe as soon as you receive the notice of denial. We will review your application and discuss your options for appealing or reapplying. We have the experience to help you with either option as well as other benefit programs.

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