Will your nursing home kick you out if your Medicare runs out?

Many Georgia elders are currently implementing their long-term care plans. This often includes paying for nursing home care. A lot of older people run into legal complications regarding Medicare and its qualification process. A ruling was recently handed down on a case in another state that may be of interest to those in this state who are facing similar problems.

This situation occurred when several nursing home patients claimed they were assaulted and robbed outside the facility where they had been residing. The reason they were on the outside outside is because facility administrators evicted them when their Medicare provisions ran out. These people had no means of income and thus, were “kicked to the curb.”

The Maryland State’s Attorney General office filed a lawsuit against the owners of the company in question. The defendants owned five nursing home facilities in the state. The claim stated that these care centers were responsible for close to 70 percent of all involuntary nursing home discharges in Maryland over a span of approximately 16 months.

It was alleged that these were unlawful evictions that left frail, infirm, mentally and physically ill elders with no roof over their heads. Following a counterclaim, a settlement was reached in this contentious situation. The company whose nursing homes were evicting people is no longer operating in that state nor is it ever allowed to do so. Any Georgia nursing home resident facing Medicare problems or other legal issues may reach out for support from an experienced elder law attorney.

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With 25 years of experience, Kevin understands how estate planning, special needs planning, and government benefits programs work together. This is a crucial element of a thorough plan. He explains your eligibility for benefits programs and ensures that you do not make costly mistakes that may disqualify you or deplete your assets.

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