Why is elder law a growing area of concern?

Elder law focuses on the oldest segment of society. It helps to protect and preserve your rights as you age, while also covering concerns specific to seniors.

The ABA Journal explains that this is a growing segment within the legal field due to several factors, such as an aging population and an increase in sophisticated scams.

Covers a wide array of subjects

Since elder law has its focus on helping those over a certain age and not as much on what you need help with, it means this is a varied area of law. As long as you are a senior and a legal issue affects you, an elder law attorney can often help you. This means there are many areas of law in which you can get assistance due to your age because age often impacts many areas of law.

For example, while anyone of any age may be eligible for Medicaid, when you need it as a senior, you likely have special considerations that younger people do not have. For example, you have to be aware of your assets to ensure you come within the financial guidelines.

Boomers are a different generation

Elder law is taking shape largely because Baby Boomers are a very different group compared to previous generations. You likely have different concerns and needs than your parents did. Boomers often have children later and have more assets than older generations, which can produce more complications as they age and need to get their affairs in order. This creates the need for more specific legal assistance, which is why elder law is growing.

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