Why estate planning matters so much to elders

It is not uncommon for Georgia residents ages 65 and older to face challenging elder care issues in life. Adult children may try to help their aging parents with long-term care planning, which often includes the estate planning process. As people age, they are often more open to discussing their own mortality. Executing an estate plan is important for elders for many reasons.

Most elders say they do not want to burden their children. Signing estate planning documents can help adult children avoid stress regarding medical care, financial issues and later matters, such as funeral expenses. A solid estate plan can also help heirs and beneficiaries avoid litigation.

If an elder dies without an estate plan in place, all matters regarding assets, liabilities, inheritance, etc., will be decided in a probate court. Most older people want to maintain a sense of control over their finances and health care. Executing a solid estate plan is the easiest way to do so.

Any adult son or daughter in Georgia who wishes to provide support to his or her parents in the estate planning process may wish to meet with an experienced elder law attorney. Someone well-versed in state laws can provide effective guidance and support regarding wills, trusts, asset protection and more. An attorney can also remain on hand to help make any changes or updates to a signed plan as needed, for instance, if a spouse dies or a birth occurs that would prompt a change in an estate owner’s last will and testament.

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Kevin Tharpe

With 25 years of experience, Kevin understands how estate planning, special needs planning, and government benefits programs work together. This is a crucial element of a thorough plan. He explains your eligibility for benefits programs and ensures that you do not make costly mistakes that may disqualify you or deplete your assets.

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