What should I consider before becoming a guardian?

Taking on the role of guardian for another person is a huge responsibility, especially if that person is a minor. You become the person who has to look out for the child’s well-being. You become completely like the child’s parent.

FindLaw suggests that if someone asks you to serve as the guardian for his or her child, you should take the time to assess your situation to determine if this is something you can do. Once you accept the duty, it is very difficult to step away.

Can you devote the time?

You should think about how old the child is and if you would be willing to step in right now and serve as the guardian until that child reaches the age of 18. If the child is older, it may be easier for you to commit. Even if the parents just want you named the guardian just in case something happens to them, you need to consider that something could happen at any time, so you must be willing to take care of the child at his or her current age. If you cannot commit to that, then it may not be wise to accept the duty.

How will guardianship impact your life?

Would it be easy to absorb the child into your life, or would it cause a major upheaval? If you have kids of your own, then it may be easier than if you are a single person. You need to think about everything that would have to change if anything. Consider how having this child would impact you and if that is something with which you are ok.

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