What if my mother does not like the nursing home?

Considering how prevalent elder abuse is in many nursing homes, hearing a complaint from your mother about her nursing home may alarm you. It also might frustrate you if you have put a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect nexus between cost and your mother’s needs.

When your mother starts to complain about her nursing home, you must do due diligence before accusing the nursing home of abuse. There are many reasons why your mother might be complaining, and they may not be abuse-related. According to the AARP, common resolvable nursing home complaints include roommate and food issues.

Roommate problems

In the event that your mother must share a room with another person, she may be voicing complaints about the situation. A reputable nursing home will always try to resolve any irreconcilable roommate situations and offer roommate swaps.

Keep in mind that it is also possible your mother is simply not used to sharing intimate space with another person, particularly if she has been living on her own for some time prior to moving in. The problem may not be the roommate: it may be that Mom just needs time to adjust.

Food issues

If your mother complains about the food at the nursing home, the best thing to do is offer to visit for dinner. It is possible that the food at the nursing home is simply not seasoned the way that she likes, particularly if she is a picky eater. If your mother typically consumes more ethnic foods, this may be an adjustment as well.

Any complaints your mother makes about her nursing home deserve impartial investigation, but many times they may stem from adjustment and not abuse.

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