What if my loved one does not like the nursing home?

Nursing home neglect is a very real problem that affects millions of seniors across the United States. Because of this, many families are very tentative when putting their elderly loved one in a nursing home. After all, nobody wants to hear that their loved one is being harmed.

However, there are many common complaints when people are new to nursing homes. Doing your due diligence on your loved one’s complaints before launching complaints and allegations of your own can save a lot of time and headache. According to the AARP, roommate conflicts and food issues are common senior grievances.

What if my loved one does not like their roommate?

Most nursing homes will try to accommodate a room change at the request of a patient. However, it is not uncommon for nursing home residents to experience a period of adjustment to having a roommate. Particularly if you cannot afford a single room, it is worth it to pause and see if the problem is actually with the roommate or if the problem is just with the concept of having a roommate.

What if my loved one does not like the food?

It is true that nursing home food is probably going to be much more institutionalized as compared to what your loved one at at home. Particularly if your loved one likes specific ethnic foods or particular spices, it is likely the food at a nursing home will not taste the same.

One way to work around this is to go visit your loved one during meals. It is possible that the bigger issue is that your loved one misses having family meals. Eating together, even if it isn’t home cooked meals, may make the situation better.

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