What are the traits of a good executor?

As a Georgia resident who has poured time and care into your estate, you want to take your time with your estate plan. This means starting it early – likely much earlier than you think you need to.

As you build your estate plan from the base up, you need to closely examine your picks for an executor. After all, they will be at the helm of your estate plan.

Personal compatibility with your executor

Huffpost looks at the ways you can choose the right executor for your estate. First, you will likely focus on personal compatibility. Though this is important, it is not crucial. Still, you want someone you are comfortable with. It helps to have someone familiar with you on a personal level, along with your family circumstances. Many people turn to family members for this reason. But if you select an executor early enough, they can get to learn your circumstances as you work together.

Leadership skills

After that, professional skills are crucial. Your executor will be the center point of communication for your legal team, financial advisors and beneficiaries. As such, they should have strong communicative and empathetic skills. They should have the ability to organize their time, set their schedules and stick with it.

Also crucial, they must have the time necessary to manage an estate. Probate often takes years to work through and it is no small task. Your chosen executor should understand the scope of the project they are about to embark on. This is why you should start your search early, too. That way, if one choice does not work out, you can check another.

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