What are the Georgia asset and income limits for Medicaid long-term care?

If you, your spouse or a parent needs long-term nursing care, he or she may qualify for Medicaid coverage. Georgia looks at the family’s income and asset limits to determine eligibility under the state guidelines.

Review these limits to inform the Medicaid planning process if your family faces this situation because of injury or illness.

Income limits

A single adult must have an income of less than $2,382 a month to qualify for long-term nursing care through Medicaid in Georgia. When married adults apply together, the income limit increases to $4,764.

Often, only one spouse needs to enter a nursing home. In this case, the state does not count the income of the spouse who has not applied for Medicaid. The person who needs Medicaid can transfer a certain amount of income to the non-applicant spouse as a living allowance.

Asset limits

The state also reviews assets to determine Medicaid eligibility. Currently, the Georgia asset limit is $2,000 for a single person and $3,000 for a couple applying for Medicaid together. When only one spouse needs long-term care, the asset limit for the non-applicant spouse is $130,380.

Medicaid does not count all assets when considering eligibility. Your loved one can retain up to $603,000 of equity in a primary home along with burial trusts, a vehicle, furniture and personal items.

Many people choose to spend down income and assets to eventually qualify for Medicaid long-term care. Follow Georgia’s regulations to ensure eligibility if you or a loved one needs facility-based nursing care.

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