Two Georgia workers arrested and charged with nursing home abuse

Many long-term care planning endeavors include instructions and specifications regarding assisted living care. It’s not uncommon for an adult child Georgia or another state to help an aging parent secure residence in a nursing home. Sadly, it’s also far too common that such situations lead to tragedies when adult children later learn their parents were neglected or abused by staff members.

Such a situation recently occurred that resulted in two nursing home workers being placed under arrest and charged with elder abuse. It all started when family members of an 89-year-old became concerned about the care he was receiving in the nursing home where he resided at the time. At some point, they installed surveillance equipment in their loved one’s room.

The man’s family reportedly alerted nursing home officials after viewing what they claimed were abusive scenes on the surveillance films. They say two women can be seen on the films acting very physically rough with the elderly man. One of the women allegedly hit the man in his mouth in order to shove his dentures, which had slipped out of place, back into his mouth.

Georgia police were called in to investigate the alleged nursing home abuse situation. A major from the country sheriff’s office said film footage shows the women both physically and mentally abusing the man. Such situations are very emotionally upsetting, especially for family members who tried their best to obtain safe and high quality long-term care for their loved ones. An experienced elder law attorney would be a good asset to have on hand when pursuing justice following alleged nursing abuse incidents.

Source:, “Elderly man’s dentures smacked back in his face in nanny cam nursing home video”, Liz Fabian, Feb. 15, 2018

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