Time for assisted living? Know how to find a good facility

It can be a highly emotional time when parents and adult children in Georgia determine that an aging mother or father is no longer able to live in an independent setting. Assisted living facilities serve valuable functions throughout the nation; however, choosing the right facility to meet a particular person’s needs can be a bit challenging. There are several key factors to keep in mind when researching available residences in the area.

First off, it’s always a good idea to make sure a facility in question is licensed. Beyond that, a thorough investigation would include inquiring as to whether a given facility’s license has ever been revoked for any reason. A concerned immediate family member may also ask for references.

The financial status of an assisted living residence is also telling when it comes to choosing a good and stable environment for a loved one. An in-person visit (and perhaps more than one) is certainly warranted as well to gain an idea of the physical condition of prospective living arrangements. Is the facility clean? Do the other residents appear well attended to?

When speaking with management and staff, it’s helpful to ask what the nurse to patient ratio happens to be. In addition to nursing care, a good facility will provide space and opportunity to support the highest quality of life possible. When visiting the grounds of the facility, note whether there is ample space for activities, such as outdoor visits, gardening or other hobbies.

Any number of legal obstacles may arise when arranging for assisted living care. If a problem occurs before or after a resident has moved into a facility, it is typically best to address the matter as soon as possible to prevent things from getting worse. Whether a particular issue is related to finances or the administration or has to do with suspected neglect, an experienced Georgia elder law attorney can provide assistance to represent a concerned party and to litigate any problem that needs to be resolved in court.

Source: seniorliving.org, “9 Tips in Choosing a Good Assisted Living Facility“, Accessed on Nov. 22, 2017

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