Strategies to combat loneliness for seniors

As people age and their friends and family pass away, they face the prospect of spending much more time alone. This certainly is not the case with all seniors; However, for many seniors avoiding loneliness is a struggle.

The following information presents strategies to minimize the pain of loneliness.

Many seniors experience loneliness

WebMD cites a University of Michigan study that shows about 1 in 3 seniors report a lack of companionship; about 25% of seniors experience feelings of isolation. The condition of loneliness strikes women and those with health issues the hardest, according to a director of the survey. Persons with hearing problems or mental health issues report higher levels of loneliness and isolation.

The study also recommended strategies to reduce loneliness in seniors, including maintaining social connections and healthy behaviors. Not all recommended solutions work for all individuals. Activities should interest the senior and fit with the person’s fitness and cognitive levels.

Many options exist to fight loneliness

The USA Today reports a number of things to try for those feeling the impacts of loneliness. While the condition strikes people differently, the following strategies often benefit individuals:

  • Staying open to new relationships
  • Maintaining existing relationships
  • Staying healthy
  • Volunteering
  • Using technology
  • Engaging with professionals

A senior suffering from loneliness or isolation should also look for help from the community in which they live. If they reside in a senior care facility, they may find opportunities to play games or spend time talking with other residents, especially looking for people who share similar interests. For those who live alone, they may find benefit in joining community organizations that cater to seniors.

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