Senior citizens in Georgia often worry about these things

Many Georgia families include elders who are nearing or have entered their golden years. Loved ones beyond age 65 are often sources of great stories that provide information about family lineage, or they may simply share humorous, touching or interesting memories from the past. As adult children do their best to help their aging parents get their finances and other issues in order so they can enjoy their late-life years, they may notice them facing some particular challenges that are common among senior citizens.  

While people tend to live longer nowadays and many older people are in excellent physical shape, a large number of elders also experience adverse health conditions that wreak havoc on their finances. In fact, health care costs are often listed as a main concern of people age 65 and older. When helping an aging parent execute a solid long-term care plan, various medical issues may impact the plan, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or chronic diseases like osteoporosis.  

Many older people say they feel lonely a lot, especially if adult children or other family members are unable to visit them often. Some people are able to somewhat resolve this problem by moving into nursing facilities that provide social interactive activities for residents. This can also be a means of obtaining needed daily living assistance. 

Another concern for many Georgia elders has to do with financial predators. In short, there are people who prey on senior citizens in the hope of taking financial advantage of those who are vulnerable to such crimes. Adult children can help their loved ones tap into local resources to secure their finances and address many other issues through long-term care planning. There are also support networks in place to help overcome legal problems if they arise.  

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