Protecting loved ones not always possible in nursing homes

No adult child in Georgia or anywhere wants to witness his or her elderly parent suffering at the hands of care providers. Yet, in many nursing homes throughout the nation, protecting loved ones from abuse and neglect is a main concern. A man in another state says he did his very best to bring concerning issues to the attention of the proper officials, but no one did anything to help his mother, who died from complications related to a urinary tract infection.

The man has filed a lawsuit against the nursing facility, alleging that his mother’s death may have been prevented were it not for substandard care. He asserts that his mother was left to sit in her own urine and feces for hours on end, and he believes that caused her infection, and ultimate kidney failure and death. He also said he hopes by coming forward to draw attention to the problems in this particular nursing home, he will be able to help prevent future neglect and abuse from occurring.

An investigation was conducted at the nursing home in question, and multiple citations issued for protocol violations. The nursing facility has been issued a deadline within which it must correct all issues mentioned in the citations. Administrators at the facility say they have hired temporary workers to help provide care as they work to fully comply with the state’s requirements.

Protecting loved ones is always a high priority when adult children in Georgia or elsewhere are trying to support their aging parents who live in nursing homes. The reality is that no one can be by a parent’s side 24/7 when the parent resides in a nursing facility. However, there are support networks available if a problem arises, especially if a family member believes some form of neglect or abuse is taking place.

Source:, “Grieving son accuses Goshen nursing home of abuse, neglect“, March 13, 2018

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