Protecting loved ones in Georgia nursing homes

Most adult children in Georgia would agree that their aging parents’ safety is a high priority when they take up residence in a nursing home. Protecting loved ones is not always easy, especially if a son or daughter lives a great distance away from the chosen facility. When executing a long-term care plan, it is helpful to discuss such topics and to carefully investigate prospective nursing homes before signing a residence agreement.

A recent senate hearing featured testimony from loved ones of nursing home residents who are now deceased. Family members spoke passionately about a dire need for reform regarding government regulations and oversight of nursing homes in all 50 states. One speaker said her mother was living in a facility that was ranked among the best in the nation for quality care; yet, it had been fined for verbal and physical abuse.

Another woman told senators and others that her mother had been sexually abused by a nursing home staff member. Due to Alzheimer’s, the elderly woman was non-verbal but reportedly tried to inform her daughter of the abuse by repeatedly banging her hand against her body near her private areas. It can be quite devastating to adult children when their parents die from neglect. They are often tormented by thoughts that they should have been able to prevent the abuse.

Protecting loved ones is always a top priority in Georgia nursing homes and those in other states. There are strict regulations and protocol that must be adhered in each facility. It is definitely okay to ask a lot of questions about safety, medical care and what type of system is in place to prevent abuse from occurring. Anyone currently legal problems involving safety in conjunction with a long-term care plan may want to discuss the issue with an experienced elder law attorney.

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