Nursing home fined for harm to patients

When Georgia families have elders who can no longer live independently, they often help their loved ones secure new residence in assisted living facilities. Not everything is as it seems with some facilities, however. In fact, a nursing home in another state was recently fined thousands of dollars for violating patient safety regulations.

The nursing home was found negligent in its care and provision of its residents. The authorities stated that staff members placed some patients in danger and caused injuries to others. On one particular occasion, a resident with serious health concerns, including alcohol-induced dementia and cerebral vascular disease, wandered off from the facility even though the patient was reportedly wearing a location sensor device at the time.

Staff members working that day claim they never heard any alarms go off. Most nursing homes, including the one in question, have lock systems that prevent such problems from occurring. One of the violations for which this particular nursing home was fined, however, was not having a door leading to a patio and another to an elevator in locked modes.

Nursing home assistance and elder safety are priority issues for many Georgia residents regarding long-term care planning. Families can be devastated when loved ones suffer due to staff members’ negligence. There are definite legal steps that can be taken to seek justice and restitution in such circumstances. An experienced attorney can act on behalf of an injured or endangered patient, as well as family members of deceased victims of nursing home negligence.

Source:, “Bridgeport, Shelton nursing homes fined“, Cara Rosner, Feb. 5, 2018

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