Might in-home care be part of your long-term care planning?

Adult children in Georgia often help take care of their parents as they age. The long-term care planning process may be relatively simple or quite complex, depending on individual needs and circumstances. Many elders want very much to be able to remain in their own homes rather than spend their golden years in assisted living facilities.

There are several factors to consider when helping aging loved ones determine if in-home care is a viable option for them. In some situations, seniors are able to use home health care services for a time, then wind up transferring to other facilities when living independently is no longer conducive to their circumstances. In short, the choice to use in-home care does not have to be permanent.

Various types of professional services are generally available through in-home health care. These would include medical care provided by nurses, physical therapy or companion and homemaker services. In-home care overseen by a nurse can be a great benefit to someone recovering from surgery or other condition that necessitated hospitalization, so the patient does not have to recuperate alone.

Cost of living in a particular Georgia region, military status, the financial status of the patient and level of care needed are several factors that help determine in-home care costs. Any resident who wishes to discuss legal issues surrounding long-term care planning or in-home care may reach out for support from an experienced elder law attorney. An attorney can also assist someone who already has a set plan, but has encountered a legal obstacle of some kind after the plan was implemented.

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