Is it time to explore assisted living options?

Many adult children in Georgia do their best to help their aging parents enjoy their lives as much as possible in their golden years. Some have health concerns and other impairments that necessitate additional help and support. It can be a very difficult and emotional experience trying to determine whether assisted living care is needed.

Some older people resist leaving the homes they have lived in for years, perhaps decades. It is understandable that strong attachments are forged after raising families and building memories in the same places for so long. However, many have needs they can no longer fulfill while living on their own; in such cases, it helps to know where to turn for support in determining whether the time has come to secure assisted living arrangements.

If an elderly loved one has experienced one or more falls in the recent past, it should be a sign of concern. Having multiple fender-benders while driving is another red flag that a loved one’s mental or physical state has declined to the point that extra help may be needed. Any chronic health condition that leaves an elderly person unable to care for him or herself may also be reason to find living arrangements that include on-hand care at all times.

Careful research and strong support can help adult children in Georgia who are trying to ease parents’ transitions to assisted living situations. Various legal issues may also develop during such processes. An experienced long-term care attorney would be a great asset to access to seek clarification of state and federal laws or to help overcome any legal obstacles that arise.

Source:, “11 Signs it Might Be Time for Assisted Living“, Paula Spencer Scott, Oct. 2, 2017

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