How to tell if a Georgia nursing home makes the grade

When a Georgia family is thinking about executing a long-term care plan, it is often because one or both parents in the family are getting on in years and want to have their financial, medical and daily living situations in order so as to provide for their own needs and also to protect assets that will one day be transferred to their loved ones. A main topic of concern for many elders is nursing homes. In fact, a lot of people are currently in need of nursing home assistance, perhaps during recovery from a long stay in the hospital or because independent living is no longer a viable option.  

Finding an assisted living residence that is a good fit for a particular family can be quite challenging. It is no secret that many facilities have been fined or otherwise penalized for providing substandard care or, worse, for negligence that resulted in patient injuries or death. The good news is that there are also many high-quality nursing homes in this state and throughout the nation as well. 

One can get a good feel for the typical standard of care in a nursing home by visiting unannounced and by talking to other residents and their visitors. It also helps to pay close attention to staff members’ dispositions. Are they cheerful and do they seem patient and caring toward residents?  

Other positive qualities in nursing homes include provision of social, educational and physical activities for patients who are able to participate, as well as cleanliness, healthy, good-tasting food and careful monitoring of patients, especially those with special needs. It is also helpful to ask whether a particular facility has been subject to litigation. If a legal problem arises after someone has moved into a Georgia nursing home, an experienced elder law attorney would be able to provide counsel.

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Kevin Tharpe

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