How to find a good nursing home in Georgia or beyond

Residence in a full-time assisted care facility is not always permanent. A person may be sent to a Georgia nursing home to recover from a surgery. Then again, many people, especially those who are aging and no longer able to live independently, may spend the majority of their elderly years in a nursing center. When researching nursing homes for oneself or an aging parent, there are several things to keep in mind. 

It helps to make a list ahead of time comprised of high priority issues. For one person, meal plans or physical therapy services might be important, while another may be more focused on religious affiliation or social atmosphere. Those whose loved ones suffer conditions requiring special needs care, such as dementia, will want to make sure the facilities they choose are equipped to address these needs. 

A good way to learn more about a particular nursing home is to speak to others who have experienced the care there. By asking questions of current or past residents and their family members, one can get a feel for the overall atmosphere. If several people say that care is not up to par, it should serve as a red flag that warrants further investigation before choosing it as a temporary or permanent residence. 

Choosing a nursing home is often part of long-term care planning. Sadly, many Georgia residents have suffered injuries (sometimes fatal) due to substandard care in assisted living environments in this state and others. Someone in need of legal support regarding nursing negligence issues may request a meeting with an experienced elder law attorney.  

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