How do you know when your aging parent needs a guardianship?

You want your aging parents to enjoy their independent lifestyle in Georgia for as long as possible. Lately, a few situations, events and changes make you wonder if you should step in and help one or both of your parents.

Forbes explores scenarios that may require outside assistance to help older adults care for themselves. Know when to step in and petition for guardianship.

Your parents want to sell investments or property

No matter if your mother or father created a power of attorney, selling an investment or real estate may necessitate a guardianship. This depends on the legal document your parent created or signed and geographic location.

Your parents decline a power of attorney

One of your parents may refuse to sign a power of attorney when she or he needs one most. If you suspect your parents’ actions and mental state may do them more harm than good, such as becoming susceptible to scams, you may have little choice but to petition for guardianship.

A health care proxy proves inefficient

Even if your parents already created a health care proxy, the document may not cover all medical scenarios. For instance, dementia, Alzheimer’s and similar medical conditions may impair your loved one’s ability to consent to necessary medication and treatment. If so, you may need to file for guardianship.

Your parents refuse to go into a long-term care facility

If it becomes apparent that your mother and father require long-term care in a nursing home or similar facility but refuse to go, you may have to petition for guardianship.

Educate yourself on guardianship and similar estate planning matters. Proper knowledge paves the way to peace of mind.

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