Helping a Georgia loved one resolve nursing home issues

It is no secret that leaving an independent living environment behind typically prompts numerous changes and challenges in the lives of Georgia elders. A senior may enter a nursing home by his or her own choice, or alongside a lot of prodding and convincing from adult children and others. It is critical for elders to know where to seek guidance and support as they adapt to full-time nursing care.

Physical or mental health decline is often a primary factor that leads an elder to transition to nursing home care. A lot of problems can be avoided if those who are of sound mind take steps ahead of time to execute solid estate plans. Such plans can include documents that grant others authority to make medical or financial decisions on an estate owner’s behalf if he or she becomes incapacitated and unable to act independently.

Financial security may be at risk for many nursing home residents. Once funds run out, a senior may wind up in a dire financial situation. Unexpected bills or medical expenses may increase financial distress. It is helpful for someone well-versed in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid issues to help an elder resolve financial or legal issues that may arise.

Sadly, another problem many nursing home residents encounter is negligence or abuse. Adult children of Georgia elders would do well to closely observe loved ones’ care and to further investigate any issue that causes concern. An experienced long-term care planning attorney is a great asset to have on hand, especially if legal problems regarding finances, estate plans or possible nursing home negligence are impeding an elder’s quality of life.

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Kevin Tharpe

With 25 years of experience, Kevin understands how estate planning, special needs planning, and government benefits programs work together. This is a crucial element of a thorough plan. He explains your eligibility for benefits programs and ensures that you do not make costly mistakes that may disqualify you or deplete your assets.

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