Guardianship and possible hidden assets are central focus of case

An elderly man with a net worth of several million dollars was deemed incapacitated by a judge in another state in 2017. Since then, his girlfriend and her family have been battling against two people to whom the court granted guardianship. The situation has become increasingly heated, and the judge recently ordered the woman and her family to evacuate the estate owner’s home. Georgia residents worried about similar elder law issues may want to follow this case.

The woman reportedly began a romantic relationship with the man (now age 81) in 2012. She is also listed as his sole beneficiary in his will. The legal guardians have asked the court to intervene, stating that they believe the man’s assets will be totally drained if the judge doesn’t stop the woman and her family from taking advantage of the wealthy, elderly man.

Adult protective services investigators determined that the woman has been financially exploiting the estate owner and has also isolated him from friends and family. The judge has ordered her and her family members to vacate the man’s home and hand over any and all assets of his that may still be in their possession. A vehicle worth $100,000 is apparently missing, and the suspicion is that those in question have hidden it.

The woman has told the court she believes guardianship is not necessary because her boyfriend’s mental health has greatly improved. She also said it is the guardians, not her, who have placed the wealthy man’s assets at risk. Any Georgia resident who is currently facing similar legal problems regarding elder law may want to seek consultation with an experienced elder law attorney as soon as possible to determine a best course of action to try to rectify the situation.

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