Geriatric care support available for senior citizens

Many adult children in Georgia reside significant distances away from their aging parents and, therefore, can’t be with them in person to address various issues that arise. Geriatric care support is a great asset for senior citizens and their families in such situations. If adult children know where to seek support, they can connect with experienced support teams who are used to handling various financial, medical and legal issues that often arise in elder years.  

Struggling companies often bring in specialized teams to review inventory, productivity, profit and other business-related situations in order to make recommendations and optimize potential for success.  Families with seniors who have special needs can rely on support teams who know the ins and outs of elder care law and what steps to take to resolve specific problems related to geriatric, long-term care. An experienced elder law attorney is a great asset to have on hand. 

Many older people experience cognitive decline or physical health conditions that render them incapable of independent living. Most elders facing such situations transition to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Such transitions are easier and less stressful if an experienced advocate is guiding the way.  

Individual health, financial stability and lifestyle are some of the top issues that impact decisions regarding where aging parents will reside and who will serve as their primary caregivers. There may also be estate planning issues that need updated. A Georgia attorney experienced at providing counsel and support to senior citizens can assess a particular situation and help design a geriatric care plan that best fits an elder’s needs and late-life goals.     

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “What to Look for in a Geriatric Care Manager“, Heidi Godman, May 11, 2018

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