Finding a long-term care facility that best fits an elder’s needs

There may be families in Georgia who are currently discussing options regarding how best to care for and support their aging loved ones. Many adult children do all they can to help their elderly parents; however, some situations have progressed to the point where it’s no longer safe or in a parent’s best interest for him or her to keep living independently, at home. Thankfully, finding a long-term care facility is often possible; it is usually a matter of determining which type and exact location is most feasible, practical and comfortable for a particular prospective resident.  

Choosing the right facility for a parent depends on various factors, including his or her physical and mental health condition, financial status and level of independent function. Some long-term resident centers only provide basic housing and housekeeping services while others have full-time staff available to assist with personal care and medical issues. There are also facilities where specialized care for residents with dementia or similar conditions is available as well.  

A board-and-care home is a smaller type of residence with private and shared rooms. Staff may be on hand to assist with meals and personal care, but residents must seek nursing or medical assistance elsewhere. Assisted living facilities, on the other hand, usually house more residents and offer various levels of care but typically not to the extent that a nursing home provides.  

A long-term care facility may also exist in a campus-style setting where transition is available, perhaps from an assisted-living arrangement to a full-time nursing facility. Most Georgia families visit several residences before determining which one best fits their particular needs. It is also a good idea to discuss long-term care plans with an experienced elder law attorney to avoid any legal obstacles that may arise when transitioning from an independent lifestyle to an assisted-living residence. 

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