Do you know these strategies for saving on elderly medical care?

Your recently retired mother and father do not need nursing home care, but they do have health conditions that dig into their retirement and personal savings. Have you all talked about how to reduce these costs without sacrificing the quality of care your parents receive? offers strategies you may find useful. Keep rising medical costs from ruining your parents’ financial health.

Make the most of deductibles 

Health insurance plans, Medicaid and Medicare all come with deductibles. The way to maximize such policies is to work to meet the deductible. Look at your parents’ plan to see how you can help them meet the deductible requirements.

Understand Medicare options 

Medicare can help lower many costs associated with aging, but you must choose the right option to make the most of financial help. Lower medical costs by choosing Medicare Part C. Usually, this plan offers lower prices compared to Parts A and B. For all its advantages, Part C limits the number of health care facilities and doctors your parents can choose from.

Stay within the network

Work with your mom and dad to ensure they remain within their health plan’s network. Rather than “in network,” Medicare uses the term “accept assignment.” Straying outside of the network could result in a substantial increase in the final cost of medical services.

Take advantage of free preventative care

Your parents do not have to wait for a medical condition diagnosis before receiving treatment. Their health plan could offer complimentary preventative care, such as flu shots, counseling to help them quit smoking and health screenings for various cancers.

Take the proactive approach to pay for elderly medical care. Saving money may be easier than you think.

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