Assisted living facilities fight back after Medicaid rate cuts

Georgia is home to many nursing centers that provide for the needs of aging residents and those who are no longer able to independently care for themselves at home. Assisted living care benefits many families, especially when adult children or other loved ones are unable to check in often enough to make sure older or infirm family members are doing well. An assisted living facility in another state has taken legal action along with other area facilities against administrators who cut rates for payments paid to the facility for Medicaid patients.  

Facility officials say state law was violated when the rate cuts were set at 2.99 percent. A spokesperson said the main problem was lack of transparency regarding limited information provided to those attending the hearings. She said it is impossible for those with voices in the matter to appropriately exercise their inputs if they are not given all the information needed to make informed decisions.  

In light of these facts, a lawsuit on behalf of assisted living homes in Montana was filed in a District Court. Plaintiffs are asking the court to rule the recent rate cuts invalid. The lawsuit also includes a request to reinstate previous rates that were in effect prior to January 1, 2018.  

Medicaid is merely one issue that often affects assisted living residents in Georgia and beyond. The reason for the rate cuts in this particular situation was said to be a budget cut to counteract lagging tax revenues. Anyone in Georgia facing Medicaid complications or other legal issues pertaining to skilled nursing care may seek guidance by requesting a meeting with a long-term care and elder law attorney. 

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