A court appointed guardian may affect your loved one’s rights

If you’re one of many adult children in Georgia who are caring for an elderly parent, you understand how challenging it can be. You want what is best for your loved one, but it isn’t always easy to interpret that in a given set of circumstances. One of the most difficult decisions someone in your position can make is to file a petition for a court appointed guardian when your mother or father has become incapacitated.

If mental or physical health issues have made it impossible for your parent to make legal or financial decisions, it definitely signifies legitimate cause to ask the court to appoint a guardian. This can be a complex, time-consuming process. The good news, however, is that there are support resources available that can help alleviate some of the stress that often accompanies such situations.

An attorney with experience in long-term care planning, elder law and guardianships and conservator issues is a great asset to have on hand when trying to determine a best course of action to protect your loved one’s interests in these circumstances. A guardianship petition sometimes sparks discord among elders and their children, especially due to certain legal implications the process activates. A man or woman under guardianship may lose his or her right to make medical decisions, to move to a new location or to purchase or sell property.

A petition for a court appointed guardian would typically be filed in a Georgia probate court. Either you and another family member may do so, or a licensed doctor, psychologist or someone else who can testify to the facts contained therein may do so, as well. Attorney J. Kevin Tharpe, P.C., has been providing strong support and guidance to families regarding guardianship and conservatorship issues for nearly 25 years. If you would like someone well-versed in elder law to review your case and help you explore viable options to protect your loved one, you may request a consultation at any time.

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