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Regardless of age, health or marital status, everyone needs an up-to-date will. A will protects your property upon your death and can especially be helpful if you want to distribute your property to people other than your relatives. Without a legally valid will, state law resorts to a default distribution method that distributes your assets among your relatives. Our Gainesville wills attorney from the law firm of J. Kevin Tharpe, P.C., provides you with personalized documents crafted after an in-depth interview to ensure that your estate is distributed exactly as you intend.

What Assets Are Not Covered By A Will?

Your will distributes all the assets that are part of your probate estate at the time of your death to beneficiaries designated by you in your will. Certain assets owned by you at the time of your death are not part of your probate estate and thus are not covered by your will. These assets can include:

  • Bank accounts with pay-on-death instructions
  • Stocks and bonds in accounts with transfer-on-death instructions
  • Life insurance with a death beneficiary
  • Pension and retirement accounts with death beneficiaries
  • Real estate or vehicles owned by you equally with another as joint tenants with right of survivorship
  • Property that has been transferred into a trust

A will can be a part of your estate planning in an effort to help you avoid or minimize the payment of state and federal estate taxes. With almost 25 years of experience in estate planning and elder law, and three years as an IRS estate and gift tax attorney, Attorney J. Kevin Tharpe can use his experience to benefit you and your loved ones.

Contesting A Will In Gainesville

If you feel your loved one may have been forced, deceived or unduly influenced in writing their will or that they were mentally incompetent when executing their will, you may be able to contest the will. Gainesville trusts attorney J. Kevin Tharpe can represent you in will challenges and litigate on your behalf.

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