What is Elder Law?

There are many issues that affect the aging population. Healthcare, personal finance, and guardianship are just some of the areas that can be addressed by having the right legal resources to support the goals of you and your family.

Elder law attorneys provide legal services that help aging individuals establish the personal care they need now and in the future. But what is elder law? 

Understanding elder law and the areas it covers ensures that you have the legal protection you need to meet all of your needs.

Elder Law Issues

Elder law attorneys provide legal services that cover a wide range of issues. These fall under categories such as disability and medical care, guardianship, and estate planning.

There are additional areas within these categories that an elder law attorney can help you address. Tax issues, conservatorship, fiduciary administration, wills, and trusts can all be established through the help of an elder law attorney.

Elder law covers issues related to Social Security and Medicaid or Medicare coverage. Some older adults fall victim to fraud, neglect, and abuse.

An elder law attorney specializes in these issues and provides the legal protection needed to hold liable parties accountable and recover any losses. 

The following are some other issues that elder law covers:

  • Nursing home care
  • Power of attorney
  • Directives for physicians and medical care
  • Tenant needs
  • Real estate
  • Discrimination

A Growing Need for Elder Law

As the life expectancy of today’s population increases, so does the need for laws that protect the aging population.

The changing needs of today’s older adults are reflected in the constantly evolving laws that address these needs and contribute to their quality of life.

There are organizations that help the aging population by providing the resources that can help them in a wide range of areas related to their personal and professional lives. 

Because elder law covers such a diverse group of areas, elder law attorneys must have a unique understanding of the issues that are relevant to helping older adults, which is generally considered to be anyone over the age of 65. 

This demographic has been estimated to constitute over 12 percent of the nation’s population, and it continues to grow.

In addition, it’s predicted that the number of older adults will reach over 71 million by the year 2030. This increases the need for elder law and attorneys who specialize in this area.

Elder Law Attorneys Protect You and Your Family

An elder law attorney can serve as a valuable resource and advocate for the aging population. They specialize in elder law and the issues that commonly affect older adults and their families.

They help you plan for your estate and other financial matters as well as help you navigate the complex world of assisted living and senior care. 

Meeting with an elder law attorney gives you an opportunity to ask important questions related to estate planning, wills, and other issues. You can establish power of attorney to allow others to make important decisions related to your personal and financial wellbeing.

If you need to establish housing now or in the future, your elder law attorney can answer all of your questions and provide the resources you need. 

Knowing what elder law is helps you determine the best ways to address many of the issues that older adults must face. Finding a skilled elder law attorney is an investment in your family’s future and ensures that all of your needs are met.

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